Ulysses Klaue

  • $23.99

  • 6-INCH SCALE COLLECTIBLE ULYSSES KLAUE FIGURE – Ulysses Klaue, driven by greed, sees Wakanda as merely a means to a supply of Vibranium and wealth. Imagine the arms dealer joining forces with Erik Killmonger in the same movie universe as Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, and the other Avengers with this 6-inch scale Ulysses Klaue figure.
  • MOVIE-BASED CHARACTER-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES – This Marvel Legends Series action figure includes Ulysses Klaue-inspired alternate left arm and pistol accessories that make a great addition to any Marvel Legends Series collection. Kids and fans alike can appreciate the subversive criminal and imagine the action-packed scenes of the Marvel Universe and the Black Panther movie with this premium Ulysses Klaue figure, inspired by the character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes the Black Panther movie.