Legacy: Skyquake

  • $64.99

  • CELEBRATE THE LEGACY: Transformers Legacy Evolution celebrates the last 40 years of Transformers history. The Prime Universe Skyquake action figure is inspired by the Transformers: Prime animated series
  • 2 EPIC MODES: Transformers action figure converts from robot to Cybertronian jet mode in 29 steps. Other jet figures can attach to the top of the figure in jet mode (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • AWESOME ACCESSORIES: This Prime Universe Skyquake toy for 8 year old boys and girls comes with blaster and sword accessories. Also features flip-down landing gear in jet mode
  • EVOLVE THE BATTLE: Transformers toy robots are upgraded with Evo-Fusion battle features! Evolve the battle by combining the blaster and sword accessories into a larger gatling cannon accessory
  • REVEAL TECH SPECS: Scan the code on each package to reveal character tech specs! Collect other Transformers figures to discover facts and abilities (each sold separately, subject to availability)