Lioconvoy - Masterpiece MP-48

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These Transformers Masterpiece figures are authentic Takara Tomy products imported directly from Japan in their original packaging with Japanese-language instructions, featuring authentic Takara Tomy design and deco. Perfect for collectors seeking the ultimate Transformers experience, these figures feature premium deco and detail.

A general commander Lioconvoy of Beast Wars II which completely transforms from white lion to robot appears in the highest brand of Transformers, Masterpiece series!
  • Authentic Takara Tomy product, as sold in Japan, with original packaging and Japanese-language instructions
  • Premium collectible
  • Features complex conversion 
  • Collector Coin

Includes: Lio Convoy Body, Cybertron Buster, Lio Beam, Lio Missile, Holder Parts, Instruction Sheet, Character Card