Female Orc Conqueror

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Female Orc Strategist

Historical Documentation: 
Female Orcs are a rarer breed than the male variety. Because of this, they occupy a revered position in the Orc culture. The females are not as physically strong as the males, but are much smarter. Often times, a female Orc will have overall command of a war party or, if not, you can be very sure that behind every good male leader there is a canny female pulling his strings. The females can think tactically, aren’t as prone to berserker rages and are more approachable if one to hire some Orcs for a job. The females are physically stronger than most human males and, having grown up in an environment where warfare is commonplace, are ferocious opponents in combat.

Temporal Log 
Possibly one in five Orcs are female, but she makes up for the other four in terms of cool headedness, negotiation skills and sheer craftiness. Whereas the males are territorial and pack oriented, it isn’t unusual to see females on their own, traveling or their own purposes or scouting out terrain; something the males never do.

Includes one blister-carded, 4" action figure with accessories and figure stand. All figures and parts use the amazing H.A.C.K.S. system to mix, match and make your own!

*These figures are adult collectibles for Ages 12 and up. Contains functional sharp points and small parts.